Custom Brake Caliper Painting & Powder Coating Santa Ana, California

As we all know, brake calipers are designed to clamp on to the disk brake to effectively slow down and stop the vehicle. They’re seen as one of those hidden components that do not get much attention to be honest, other than the fact that they have to be changed after a certain period of time and kilometers. But a growing number of car owners across Santa Ana are taking it out of the curtain and showcasing them as part of their vehicle’s aesthetics. Now, appeal and function don't usually coincide with each other, but through the process of brake caliper painting and powder coating, one could achieve that perfect balance of beauty and functionality.

Advantage of Brake Caliper Painting & Powder Coating

Let’s just put it out there, painting a car’s components adds a fresh take on a vehicle and adds beauty and sophistication. But what most people don't get is how painting and powder coating, particularly for brake calipers, is how it adds a level of protection against premature wear and tear. It’s no secret that brake calipers definitely take a beating. Depending on the type of terrain one drives in, they can experience wear and tear sooner than other components. All the dirt, dust, almond debris that it tolerates can definitely break down the brakes. And given the driving conditions of Santa Ana and its surrounding areas, it’s safe to say that brake caliper painting and powder coating is definitely worth noting.

Professional Brake Caliper Painting & Powder Coating Services

Across Santa Ana

Metalworks & Tire Place is the leading expert in custom brake caliper powder coating/brake caliper painting services across Santa Ana. For powder coating calipers, we utilize free flowing, dry powder application that not only coats the calipers with the color you desire, but also provides scratch and damage resistance for such integral components.

The same can be said about our brake caliper painting service albeit a different material, the degree of quality that we put into the entire procedure (prepping, painting, and curing) is unmatched by other painting and powder coating companies in Santa Ana. With years of experience painting and doing powder coating for various vehicles and their brake calipers, we have set a bar that defines our offers apart from the rest. So, give your calipers the attention that they desire and the protection they need. With our brake caliper powder coating/brake caliper painting services, we guarantee results that not only enhances your vehicle’s appeal, but also gives your car that much needed performance protection.

Why Choose Metal Works & Tire Place

When it comes to brake caliper powder coating and painting, no other company can top the quality and reliability of our services. While we may not be the only caliper painting shop in Santa Ana, we make it a point to deliver our services with the utmost attention to detail and sophistication while still keeping the prices as low and realistic as possible. Metal Works & Tire Place is committed to enhancing our clients’ vehicles through fast and reliable powder coating and painting services, and that goes the same for our brake caliper painting and powder coating offers. With decades of combined experience, our team will be able to give your brake calipers the added protection they deserve and elevate your car’s overall appeal. Take a look at some of our photos so you can get a better idea of what you can expect when you partner with us.