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When it comes to fast and affordable powder coating solutions across Santa Ana, no other company comes close to MetalWorks & Tire Place. We deal with all sorts of surfaces and or components, providing top-quality powder coating that not only adds appeal but also adds a layer of protection against scratches and even dents.  With years of experience powder coating wheels, auto parts, and frames, our team of dedicated painters and powder coating specialists guarantee your money's worth every single time.

Powder Coating

Powder coating is a painting process that differs from traditional paint. It is applied as a free-flowing, dry powder, which strengthens and protects metal surfaces such as:

Car Wheels/Rims | Automobile parts | Bicycle parts & frames | Motorcycle parts & wheels | Aluminum, steel, and other alloys

If you are looking for a way to extend the life and luster of your wheels, surfaces, frames, or vehicles components, powder coating is definitely something you would want to consider. At MetalWorks & Tire Place, our team of painters offers powder coating finishes for cars, motorcycle wheels, bicycle metals, and more. You can choose from a variety of options for the coating of your choice, available in matte, satin, and high gloss. We follow a strict and strategic process when doing powder coating to ensure that the initial quote does not acquire any bubbles or cracks when it dries. Part of the process involves careful preparation of the component to be painted; stripping down existing pain and removing oils that may be present on the surface of the said part. We use sophisticated tools and equipment to acquire the right color shade and hill. We then proceed with powder coating the surface under a controlled temperatures and humidity. After successfully applying the powder coat to said component, it undergoes a process called baking to properly bind and cure the coating and ensure that it Bonds seamlessly with the surface.


Although this type of painting and process might be relatively more expensive than the traditional type of painting procedure, our rates are calibrated to fit the budget of our clients. While some powder coating companies may justify the procedure to be more sensitive or meticulous, our goal is to deliver what our clients want without them losing money.  That is why most people around Santa Ana, California consider MetalWorks & Tire Place as their top choice when opting for powder coating services for their car’s wheels and parts.

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Wheel Painting

As with premium vehicle improvements and or repairs such as powder coating, they could come with a relatively hefty price tag that not all people can afford or are willing to for that matter. That’s why MetalWorks & Tire Place also provides Santa Ana clients with custom wheel painting services at highly affordable rates. Though different from our powder coating offer, our team of painters guarantee the same degree of quality and sophistication, ensuring that such wheel painting meets and exceeds the expectations of our clients every single time.

Aside from the actual type of pain, our wheel painting procedure is similar to that of our powder coating service. The wheels go through prepping and priming before being painted; afterwards, the process is finished with the application of a superior clear coat to add a layer of scratch resistance to the newly painted wheels.

We have a wide range of colors to choose from but we also accept customizations if you’re thinking of specific colors for your wheels. Our experts can also restore scratched, gouged, and curb-scratched wheels, bringing their original finish back. Feel free to Check out our wheel & rim repair services for more information.

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If you are looking for professional and powder coating services or Custom wheel painting solutions, partner with Metalworks & Tire Place; the top choice for clients across Santa Ana, California. Our team of professional painters delivers fast and exceptional services at highly affordable rates. For more information, feel free to give us a call at 714-654-1599 or at 714-549-0237. You can also drop by the shop at 605 E Alton Ave, Ste D Santa Ana, CA 92705 so you can discuss directly with one of our staff regarding your powder coating or wheel painting needs.