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If you’re in need of custom decals for your brake calipers or if you’re in the market for new yet budget friendly tires, Metal Works & Tire Place is the definite place for such needs. We develop custom made decals that capture the brand or design that our clients need for their calipers, and also offer a wide array of tires for sale that range from urban to off-road threads. You only need to coordinate with us and we’ll provide you with what you’re looking for and then some. Our shop in Santa Ana is easily accessible and can be visited anytime during our office hours.

Check out what’s in store for you with the following offers.

Why Go For Custom Decals For Your Calipers

Let’s be real. Our car can look a lot better when it’s customized to our own respective taste; and that goes for even the smallest details as well. That's why we like to tune it and personalize them — may it be outside or under the hood. But let’s take a break from the engine performance and talk about appeal. Custom decals are an aesthetic component that can be placed on a brake caliper to make it look better based on the owner’s preferences. And while there are a ton of available decals on the market that you can buy, there’s not much out there that can actually grasp the design that you’re looking for. Here’s where our custom caliper decal services come into play.

Custom Decal Services For Your Calipers

Metal Works & Tire Place delivers custom decal development services for your brake calipers. Our team can design the brand logo or designs you want from scratch and print them on high grade vinyl. We use sophisticated printers to accurately capture the design as detailed as possible. Not only that, but we can also assist in installing them on your car’s calipers as well. Our team effectively measures the placement with both classic and tested measuring systems, as well as modern methods to get the alignment as perfectly as possible. Truly, there’s no other shop in Santa Ana that offers this kind of custom decal service for your brake calipers.

Tires For Sale

Custom Decals are not only what Metal Works & Tire Place is known for. In fact, we’re one of the premier sources of affordable tires around Santa Ana. Our tires for sale span pretty much any and all kinds of vehicles; from sedans to SUVs, and even off road vehicles, we’ve got the right tires and treads for you.

It’s not even a secret that one of the most used components of the car (and quite arguably the most often abused) are the tires. When it already looks worn out and you can even stick a coin in place on the tread, you know it’s time to change them. The thing is, tires don’t come cheap. But you definitely do NOT want to be using questionable ones just for the sake of being able to get on the road again as it’s also a matter of safety and security.

At Metal Works & Tire Place, you can check out the various types of tires for sale on our selection below. We have some of the most affordable yet guaranteed tires available in and around the area. Just let us know the set you need and or have chosen and we’ll have them prepared and even installed when you visit the shop.

Delinte DH2

Sumitomo HTR P02-Nankang NS20

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Hankoook Ventus Evo 2

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Tire Sale August 2018

Custom Caliper Decals & Affordable Tires For Sale The Leading Shop in Santa Ana

Partner with Metal Works & Tire Place today for fully custom caliper decal services and affordable tires for sale. Our team will design your intended decals for your brake calipers and assist you with the installations. And our staff will assist you with the right tiers you need for your car. For more information, feel free to give us a call or send us an email. We also offer other services such as powder coating services, caliper painting solutions, and rim repair services. Our staff is more than willing to assist you with your inquiry.