Transforming Your Wheels with Custom Powder Coating Colors

Wheels are considered a defining feature of any car. It’s so definitive in fact, that slapping on new aftermarket wheels, or spraying down some power coat on your existing set can make all the difference.

How come you may ask? Well, think of wheels on cars like kicks on your feet. Even if you don’t know the culture, or have never dived into it beforehand, you’d still admire someone sporting the latest Js. Doesn’t matter if they’re shirt is a hand-me-down or their pants are worn out. If you see a guy’s shoes looking as fresh as they can get, nothing else would matter at that point.

Going back to wheels, it’s the same concept. While stock wheels are alright, aftermarket is where it’s at. But then again, not all people have the budget to buy a set of aftermarkets, let alone a new set of wheels. That’s where custom powder coating comes into play. Stock wheels that have been powder coating with a custom mixed colorway makes all the difference. Some might even argue that powder coating stock hides the fact that those wheels are stock in the first place. It automatically adds appeal to your ride, regardless of the body’s current state.

For those of you who are lucky enough to buy second hand wheels off ebay, marketplace, or your friend, it doesn’t hurt to consider powder coating on your wheels as well. The same effect applies. Since you already had control over the look of the wheels you bought (since you already have an idea of what look you wanted for your car), getting your wheels powder coated also gives you the advantage of customizing your set to fit your car’s overall theme.

Heck, even fresh new wheels can still be powder coated. Why? Well, there’s always the change that the design you want does not come with the colorway you’re after. If you happen to get the best of both worlds, then good for you. But realistically speaking, sometimes you need to sacrifice the colorway to get the design you need, and if you think about it, the wheels can always be powder coated with a color you want, but the wheel design can never be altered. So going back, powder coating a fresh set of wheels is definitely valid.

But we already get it. Powder coating makes your wheels look good. Regardless if it’s stock, second hand, or brand-new aftermarket. What we want to address here is how powder coating your wheels can actually transform your wheel’s condition beyond the aesthetics. A factor we need to point out and something you need to consider as well.

Stock and aftermarket wheels are often already painted. For those that do not (more on vintage cars), it poses issues for the metal. Wheels are generally built to take a beating. Made mostly of aluminum alloy, they’re designed specifically to withstand extreme road and weight bearing conditions, but even if they’re built to last doesn’t mean they’re built to last forever.

There’s a reason why wheels these days usually come powder coated. If you haven’t guessed it by now, it’s to give your wheels an added layer of protection against dust, dirt, water, and debris that would slowly eat away at even the toughest of alloys. And while it’s not a cure, powder coats do take a real beating. So, the next time you have non powder coated wheels, or if your wheels need to be coating, you might want to reconsider before you tell yourself no. That decision might end up costing you more than just the initial cost of powder coating your wheels. Just saying.

If you’re in Santa Ana, California and are in need of powder coating specialists, Metal Works & Tire Place is available for you and your car. With years of experience powder coating wheels and calipers, they know exactly how to give the results you need at the least amount of time and cost. For more information, feel free to give us a call or send us a message through our contact form. Our team is more than willing to assist you with all your powder coating needs.