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If you’re in need of fast and quality wheel and rim repair services across Santa Ana, California, Metal Works & Tire Place is your top choice. We have the services you need to transform your wheels and or rims back to their original state. From wheel straightening to rim repairs, to polishing and even chrome plating services. We definitely have what you need to turn your old and worn out wheels into a rolling canvas that complements your ride while adding that much needed protection on the open road. Wheel and rim repair services is what we do. It’s always been the Metal Works & Tire Place standard for years, and people all across Santa Ana can testify to the quality of our work.

Why Go For Wheel And Rim Repair

First thing’s first. Let’s talk about cosmetic improvements for rims and wheels. It’s exactly what you would need if you’re looking to restore your unique and beloved yet worn off wheels and rims when you just cannot afford to let them go or buy new ones. Wheel polishing for example is a process that buffs out any imperfections and surface rust that your wheels and rims have acquired. Wheel polishing professionals use varying grit sanders and a series of buffing compounds to meet that desired sheen.

But perhaps the real topic here is the importance of wheel and rim repairs, one that goes beyond aesthetics. It’s about safety, so it’s imperative to have it repaired as soon as possible to keep the integrity of the car, and ensure the safety of the driver and the passengers on board. The same goes for wheels and rims. Wheel and rim repair services, such as wheel alignment for example, is undoubtedly a service you would want to take seriously, especially since about safety. So wheel and rim repairs are absolutely important for any car owner across Santa Ana. Not only does it provide aesthetic beauty for one’s ride, but it also secures your safety and fortify you as a responsible driver.

Affordable wheel and Rim Repair Services

Metalworks & Tire Place is known as a trusted source of first-rate wheel and rim repair services across Santa Ana, and our performance has always kept our clients satisfied through the years. If you’re looking for reliable wheel repair and refinishing services in Santa Ana, then Metalworks & Tire Place is the perfect shop to visit. Our professionals offer the most affordable rates for the highest quality of rim care, not only for repairs but also powder coating, wheel polishing, chrome plating and more.

Wheel Straightening

Wheel Repair / Refinishing

Wheel Polishing

Wheel Re-manufacturing

Chrome Plating Wheels

With years of experience working with various clients across Santa Ana, we’ve created our own systematic approach to providing effective and efficient wheel and rim repair services. Assessment is a crucial step in the process to ensure that we implement the proper approach to repairing a damaged wheel or rim. Once we identify what type of damage it has incurred, we use the right tools to effectively address the problem. Once done, we finish the job by assessing it again and double checking for any flaws or inconsistencies. It’s only when it passes our technicians’ QA process will it be deemed finished. And yes, though meticulous, we assure you that our wheel and rim repair services are some of, if not the most affordable in the industry.

More About Our Chrome Plating & Metal Polishing

Being one of the most sought after wheel and rim repair service experts in Santa Ana, we definitely know a thing or two about chrome plating and metal polishing that goes beyond car rims. At Metalworks & Tire Place, also offer high-quality metal polishing and chrome plating services for a wide variety of vehicles and their components. If painting or powder coating is not your style, and prefer the more chrome and or metal finish while still effectively addressing corrosion or wear and tear on your vehicle, chrome plating and metal polishing is definitely something you would want to check out.

Metal Polishing

Polishing is a process that smoothens and shines a metal surface by using an abrasive glued to a work wheel. While that is the case, a mirror-like finish can only be achieved through buffing, which is a less harsh but more elaborate process than polishing. Not only are we the leading rim repair service providers in Santa Ana, but we’re also the top choice for vehicle owners when it comes to wheel polishing services. Don’t think that we’re limiting ourselves to cars solely though. At Metal Works & Tire Place, we also provide metal polishing services for other components and items as well. Though we excel at wheel polishing for cars, we also provide metal polishing services for other components such as bumpers and grills, motorcycle rims, and components as well.

Chrome Plating

This process is more intricate than regular metal polishing and buffing as chrome plating puts the power of the triple-layer blue and bright chromium system to work on your metal surfaces. It involves the item or part receiving a coat of zinc and nickel. Secondly, a coat of copper is applied and fully polished. Then, a coat of nickel is applied. Finally, the surface is chrome plated to a mirror-like, high-gloss finish.

The main difference between chrome plating and polishing is the layer that’s been added to the component. While polishing can oftentimes involve the material simply being stripped down to metal and polishing and buffed, chrome polishing adds a layer of chrome over the base metal. Both of which are ideal and would ultimately depend on your preference. Our professional wheel and rim repair experts have mastered such art that only trained professionals can tell the difference between our polishing and chrome plating when we’re done.

Ask About Our 100% Satisfaction Policy

Metalworks & Tire Place is one of the most trusted tire replacement and wheel/rim repair shops in Santa Ana. We want to provide you with the best and most applicable services for your vehicle, so feel free to contact us and let us know about your needs.

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Metalworks & Tire Place serves Santa Ana and surrounding areas with the best tire and wheel services. For more details about our offers, visit our contact page and leave a message or give us a call at 714-654-1599.

Prices and Specials New Tires for Sale in Santa Ana

Take a look at our rates and specials at Metalworks & Tire Place. The prices include installation fees, disposal, and environmental fees, depending on the brand and size of your tires. Not only that, but we also sell both new and used tires. If you’re looking for a fresh set of tires or spares for those unexpected blowouts, partner with us. Our shop features a large selection of tires and our experienced staff can put you in the right tire for the right price.

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If you’re ever in need of proper wheel and rim repair services across Santa Ana and its surrounding areas, partner with Metal Works & Tire Place today. Our technicians are highly skilled in wheel alignment, and remanufacturing. We also deliver fast and effective metal polishing and chrome plating not only for wheels but also for car and motorcycle components. Feel free to give us a call today to learn more about our exclusive offers. Our staff is more than willing to assist you. Alternatively, you can also check out our powder coating services and caliper solutions if you fancy a bit of paint to elevate your ride.